With the symbol of the "K-megaphone", which runs throughout the action's campaign, we captured the image of the city's oldest market with the new cultural action that would be performed in interaction with it. Just as the stallholders in Kapani lure us in with their loudest voices to buy their ware, Kapani Project invites the city's residents and visitors to follow musicians, actors, and artists, and to create a new world inside the old one bursting with energy and imagination. The image is completed by clear, striking colours, colours that will stay with you once you've left Kapani.

Kapani Project 2017

The Kapani Project comes back to remind us through music, visual arts, movies and performances the journey to the tastes and scents of the market. It comes back as an institution fοr the city of Thessaloniki, a great celebration for the marketplace, the point where the new meets with the old, as the cradle of the most spontaneous inspirations within the urban environment. 

Kapani Project 2016

The “Kapani Project” is the start of a very beautiful journey of tastes and scents combined with the arts. It is a walkthrough the historical market place of the city that started out in October 2016. There, the people of the market place become one with the people of the visual arts and music. There, the volunteer’s team of the “Kapani Project” will welcome you in an unforgettable experience that centers on culture and socializing and will bring you in contact with the special most spots and culture of Thessaloniki. The “Kapani Project” is already an inextricable part of the city and every October it reminds us that the urban environment includes original districts that deserve to become alive!

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